I passed my test
I passed my Driving test


"Thanks for all the help and friendly tuition, I really enjoyed my course you did a great job to get me through my test in 4 days"
D.J. Rochdale.

"You guys know your stuff, from start to finish in just 6 days, the training and accommodation was all top notch, Thanks a million."
C.S. Manchester.

"The short time I was with you was fantastic I learned more in my first two days than I had in the previous 6 months. I passed my driving test"
E.R. London

"4 previous tests, I thought I would never pass my test but how wrong I was, your two day Course and some good training was all I needed, I will be forever grateful."M.P. Carlisle

"When my brother and I came on your course little did we think that within a few days we would both have passed our driving tests, you did a super job and made it really enjoyable, thanks for everything you did for us."D.P & B.P. Cheshire

"Thank you for all that you did for my Son and Daughter, a good job well done."J.P. Cheshire

"Hi, A really big Thank You for all that you all did for me to help me Pass my driving test a the first attempt, you really did do all that you said you would, I don’t think that I really could have ever passed my test so well without your help, once again Thank You." M.A. Cornwall

"A quick email just to say Thanks for all your help, I had a really good time on my Course and the Hotel was ace."
K.S. Manchester

"Thanks for all the help that you gave to both my sister and myself, we had a dream that we might Pass our tests on the same day but it was only a dream. But dreams can come true ours did, it was the best 7 days of our lives. Now we spend most of our time fighting over Mums car, Thanks to you all." S.D. & J.D. Hampshire

"Saw your Website on the net and compared it to the rest, read between the lines on the others and booked with you, No regrets, got my licence in 5 days, it all went just as you all said it would, Many Thanks." E.J. Essex

"Many thanks for all your efforts, before coming on your 5 day course I had already had 3 driving tests, but now realise that I had before just wasted my money as I now know that I was never ready for any of those tests yet my Instructor I previously had told me that I was ready, you quickly identified my problems, put them right and I never looked back from there. Once again ‘Thank You’ and I have now got all of my friends asking me for your details as they are all impressed by what you did for me in just five days."
M.R. Coventry

"Value for money, that’s just what I needed, I didn’t have a lot of cash and needed to pass for my job security, you were honest in your advice as to the course I needed and you did exactly what you said you would, I have now got job security and its all down to you guys and I can’t thank you enough, keep the good work up."
S.M. Chesire

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