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Theory Test on an Intensive Driving Course?

Theory Tests on Intensive Driving Courses? don’t even think about it.

There are some training schools that will let you do a Theory test on a driving course but will not tell you that if you fail your Theory Test you will not be able to take a Practical Driving Test.

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Likewise if you pass your Theory Test on an Intensive Driving Course you may still not be able to take a Practical Driving Test on that course as it is not allowed for you to book a Practical Driving Test until after you have passed the Theory Test. Therefore unless there are any short notice tests available you would NOT get a Practical Driving Test.
The chances of getting a Practical Driving Test within a couple of days of passing a Theory Test are virtually Zero.

If any Training School offers you a Theory Test and Driving Test on the same course BEWARE, its your hard earned money you stand to lose.

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