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Intensive Driving Courses

Learning to drive on an Intensive Driving Course is by far the most successful way to Pass the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) driving test, as we are the market leaders in Blackpool with over 37 years Registered as Qualified by the DSA. You can be sure that learning to drive with us will help you obtain your Full Driving Licence with the minimum of fuss.
We DO NOT do CAR SHARING which means that with us YOU WILL drive for the FULL amount of time booked. If you book 5 days you drive for 5 days. Car sharing means that if you book 5 days you drive for only 2.5 days, yet schools that do car sharing will still charge you for 5 days. (SO BEWARE) What can be worse than having a stranger sat in the back of the car whilst you are learning to drive? it’s embarrassing and it’s just not right!

We have access to DSA driving tests at short notice and can therefore assist you to get your Full driving licence in the minimum amount of time.

Our driving courses are well structured and training is delivered only by DSA Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) and you can therefore be assured of the very best in Driving Instruction. All of our Driving Courses have DSA Driving Test booked in your name for the last hour of your Driving Course.

We DO NOT do THEORY TESTs on our driving courses as courses booked with a Theory Test included have NO GUARANTEE of a Practical Test at the end of the course (despite what some schools will tell you, NO practical test can be booked in your name without you first having a Theory Pass Number).
All of our Driving Courses have a DSA driving test booked for the last hour of the course (GUARANTEED)

Intensive Driving UK have a genuine pass rate of 70% compared to the national average of 42% On some of our courses we even pay for the DSA Driving test fee worth currently £62.00 and also Residential Driving Courses.

When you phone Intensive Driving UK your call will be answered by a DSA Qualified Instructor (DSA.ADI) who will give good honest qualified advice as to the best driving course for you.

For more information and to book an Intensive Driving course call us on 01253 441014


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